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Hiring the right person that is looking for a job is a full-time commitment and a challenging ordeal.

Even though both sides invest considerable time and energy in the process, more often than not, the results are unsatisfying.

Passport provides transparency and efficiency for both parties to make sure your time is well-spent.

Transparent. Time-Saving.


The flaws of the current talent acquisition processes have both applicants and hiring managers frustrated. For example, job applicants spend time tailoring their resumes and cover letters to each job description without receiving any feedback. Meanwhile, employers have difficulty finding qualified candidates due to the inefficiency of their automated narrowing system.

Passport provides a transparent, time-saving, and

cost-efficient solution for finding the right candidate first and assessing their job performance capability later. Our process intends to get a sense of who the person is regardless of what position(s) they’re applying to, helping match candidates to employers that would best suit each other.

How It Works

For Applicants Looking for a New Opportunity

Create a profile, complete the questionnaire to showcase who you are, your values, and work style.

Do the questionnaire once and let Passport compile them to your profile, providing job and company match percentages.

Evaluate the chance of success in applying to a particular job and submit your profile. If the company is interested, they request an interview or provide a work sample to complete.

For Companies Looking for Employees

Fill out a form giving details about the position, such as salary range, competencies needed, expected outcomes, hiring manager description, company/team values, and basic requirements.

If your company is passively looking for candidates for a future need, indicate it on the job form.

Receive applicants' results in ranked order, review their profiles and interview videos, and contact them if you are interested.

Passport App Features

Transparency For All

No more vaguely worded job descriptions and misleading offers. Instead, Passport makes sure both sides are clear and upfront with the process and provides a higher-quality candidate pool and more on-target matches.

Unbiased Process

Passport offers standard interviews across all candidates that compare one against the other in a non-discriminatory way.

Enhanced Experience

Passport helps employers find

candidates with the best skills, experience, and personality to fit the job while offering applicants a transparent, time-saving, and fair process.

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